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As astute stockbrokers, we can suggest investment ideas and strategies suiting your requirements and based on your objective of investment. Tenure of investment, the selected financial instruments and their respective companies, the schemes, the risk taking ability, the sum available for investment, all are considered while forming investment choices. After the amount is invested, we track and monitor the investments, changes or reinvest depending on the performance and we generate reports for them.

Financial Advisory

As financial advisers, we can help you manage your finances by providing advice on money issues such as investments, insurance, mortgages, college savings, estate planning, taxes and retirement.

Estate Planning & Administration

DSU Brokerage Services understands the challenges experienced by people who have to process the cumbersome and also time consuming documentation for letter of administration. We are able to reduce the time spent by ensuring a proper walk through of the process with the client. We also advise the formation of Living trusts for High Net worth individuals (HNI’s) and foundations.