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DSU Brokerage Services Ltd offers ‘Execution only accounts’ to experience individual investors as well as Corporate Traders.  Our Smart and Dynamic Trading Team will ensure that client Mandates are treated in line with the client’s instruction. We offer preferential commission rates to institutions that require cash Management Services.

Our core belief is that investment is a long term play. DSU Brokerage Services Ltd recommends this type of accounts to new investors with limited market knowledge. We meet to agree on the financial goal to work out the best trading and diversification strategies in relation to the client profile, frequency and timing of funds available.



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Our Business

Portfolio Management

DSU Brokerage Services Limited Portfolio Managers assist clients in constructing optimum investment portfolio that addresses risk/return trade off without compromising the clients' overall investment strategy and objectives

Settlement And Delivery

All mandates are well documented, executed and contract notes and other document delivered on a same date basis. Purchases made are executed on cheque confirmation while sales are settled on a 24-hour basis

Regularization And Realization

DSU Brokerage Services Limited assist banks and other financial Institution to perfect collateral documents for loans by timely verification of share and placement of lien on such shares at the Central Securities Clearing System

Research & Advisory

DSU Brokerage Services Limited has always pride itself as acknowledge based organization. It is our believe that the gap between the haves and have-nots is non- availability or inability to get/give information effectively

Corporate Finance

DSU Brokerage Services Limited provides Financial Advisory and representation services to Corporate, Government and Quasi-Government Organizations.

Information Services

We also have a dedicated floor-phone that ensures that mandates could be communicated and executed immediately.

Board Of Directors

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