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DSU Brokerage Services Ltd (RC 830202) was incorporated in July 2009 and licensed by Nigerian Stock Exchange as a dealing member in November 2009. We started our operations in March 2011. The Securities and Exchange Commission registered DSBSL to perform the functions of corporate investment adviser and Broker/Dealer effective from March 4th, 2011. DSU Brokerage Services Ltd currently has an authorized share capital of ₦80,000,000 (Eighty Million Naira) and fully paid share capital of ₦75,000,000 (Seventy Five Million Naira), made up of ₦75,000,000 ordinary shares of ₦1.00 each. Our current capitalization of ₦75,000,000.00 (Seventy Five Million Naira) meets the statutory minimum capital requirement of the two functions for which we are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission which is currently ₦70,000,000.00 (Seventy Million Naira) for the broker/dealer and ₦5,000,000.00 (Five Million Naira) for the corporate investment adviser.

At DSU Brokerage Services Ltd, we are aware that a sound capital base will aid our company’s long term mission that is why we are always looking to further enhance our capital in line with our overall growth objectives.


DSU Brokerage Services Ltd offers ‘Execution only accounts’ to experience individual investors as well as Corporate Traders.  Our Smart and Dynamic Trading Team will ensure that client Mandates are treated in line with the client’s instruction. We offer preferential commission rates to institutions that require cash Management Services.

Our core belief is that investment is a long term play. DSU Brokerage Services Ltd recommends this type of accounts to new investors with limited market knowledge. We meet to agree on the financial goal to work out the best trading and diversification strategies in relation to the client profile, frequency and timing of funds available.

We Provide the Best Service in the Industry​